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Posted by Ed Tancred | Sep 1, 2023 12:11:23 PM

Are you considering Vanguard Wireless systems for your site? Vanguard Wireless provides the exclusive combination of hardware and software for construction nurse call and evacuation systems in Australia. These systems are trusted and chosen by numerous industry leaders in construction and civil works for their large-scale civil and infrastructure projects. What are the standout features of our system?

Full Site Coverage

During a medical or evacuation emergency, it is crucial to have comprehensive coverage of your construction or building site with a reliable nurse call or evacuation system. Not only should the triggers be installed in every area, but they should also be user-friendly and capable of sending immediate signals to the rest of the system. This allows emergency response personnel to coordinate a swift and effective response.

At Vanguard Wireless, our wireless devices utilise cutting-edge technology, which includes internal radio frequency or cellular chips. These advanced features enable the alert signal to be seamlessly transmitted either to another device within the radio frequency network or to the cloud via the closest cellular tower. From there, the signal is distributed to the control panel, smartphone app, and evacuation sirens.

This innovative system empowers you to deploy devices in various challenging locations such as tunnels, mines, mining camps, floating barges, and cranes, even adapting if their position changes. With Vanguard Wireless, your network design remains flexible in any environment.

Real Time Connectivity & Power Reporting

The control panel, smartphone app, and web-based user portal provide you with real-time updates on the strength of the network connection for each device, as well as the current battery level. Additionally, the user portal offers a telemetry graph that visually displays how the devices are seamlessly establishing connections within the system.  

Smartphone App

You can also take advantage of our smartphone app, offering seamless system management. With the app and SMS notifications, you can easily stay updated on the status of your system and any emergency events, whether you're on-site or thousands of kilometers away.

The app provides you with complete visibility into the status of your system, allowing you to:

  • Easily manage devices, including naming and location
  • Activate nurse calls, evacuations, or lockdowns directly from the app
  • Approve or respond to evacuation, lockdown, or nurse call events initiated by others
  • Access activity logs and reports

Furthermore, our smartphone app is ideal for ensuring the safety of your remote and lone workers as it can be used in conjunction with our wearable nurse call triggers.


Whether you're utilising HammerTech, Procore, Irongate Solutions, or 3D Safety, our system allows for seamless integrations with these platforms. Set up through our user portal using project and site IDs, you can immediately connect your Vanguard Wireless system to enhance your construction site's safety and efficiency. If you're using a different platform and are interested in exploring integration opportunities, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Jobs Our Systems Are On

CPB & John Holland WestConnex

This $16B road infrastructure project in Sydney uses our combined nurse call trigger + evacuation sirens, which are then quickly relocated as the site evolved. No need to wait for a service call out, or guess whether the device is still connected to the network.

CPB Dubbo Rail Facility

CPB Contractors are prepared to manage medical and evacuation emergencies on this $1.26B Regional Rail Project with our system. It's comprised of our control panel (TCU), combined nurse call trigger + evacuation siren, & smartphone app.

Multiplex Sydney Fish Markets Development

Multiplex's Sydney Fish Markets project required underwater construction with several barges and cranes. Each barge needed an emergency system so we installed our wireless combined nurse call trigger + evac sirens. The internal RF chip reestablishes network connection as the barges move so as the site evolves the system does too.

Roberts Co Westmead Hospital

Roberts Co NSW specify Vanguard Wireless systems for all their sites. For the construction of the new Paediatric Services Building, the safety team are using our combined nurse call trigger + evacuation sirens, with nurse calls and evacuations managed by the control panel and smartphone app. SMS alerts warn safety personnel if a device disconnects from the network.


If you're yet to experience what a Vanguard Wireless system can achieve on your site, get in touch with me for a demo.

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Written by Ed Tancred

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