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Parkview & Mosaic Prioritising Worker Safety

Posted by Ed Tancred | Aug 1, 2023 2:26:47 PM

Vanguard Wireless work with our partners to redefine the landscape of emergency communication and response at worksites across Australia, New Zealand, and the wider APAC region. Parkview and Mosaic are two innovative Australian builders who share our commitment to using cutting-edge technology to set an unprecedented safety standard across their sites.

One of the primary differences between a Vanguard Wireless system and other options on the market is the combined hardware + software approach. Our commitment to Continuous Product Development sets us apart, leaving no room for compromise when it comes to workplace safety. We thrive on collaboration, working hand in hand with our esteemed partners, to design products and systems that elevate workplace safety to unparalleled heights. 

Here are just some of the solutions that are meticulously crafted to cater to Parkview's and Mosaic's specific needs. If your emergency alert system isn't delivering time saving features like this, then it's time to consider Vanguard Wireless.


  1. Wireless Networking: every device has an internal RF or IoT SIM which establishes a wireless connection to other devices on the network. There's no need for repeaters or cabling. This not only makes the system extremely flexible but also perfect for retrofitting to replace old systems.
  2. Battery Powered: our nurse call triggers and evacuation triggers, plus combined devices, use two rechargeable batteries which are easily monitored and changed. You can also choose to hard wire these to mains power if you'd prefer.
  3. Radio Frequency & Cellular Networking Options: as mentioned above, every device has an internal chip which enables it to build a network. RF chips have a range of up to 500m and can connect with multiple devices. Cellular devices connect to the Vanguard Wireless cloud, which then pushes information out to all the platforms, meaning there's no range limitations. Your system is comprised of the devices that best suit the environment they'll be installed in, whether it's an underground tunnel, a mining camp 5km away, or a construction site in the middle of the CBD.
  4. Dual Function Devices: we offer a combined nurse call trigger + evacuation siren device or an evacuation trigger + evacuation siren device. These work with our other devices including nurse call triggers, evacuation triggers, and evacuation sirens to ensure your site has 100% coverage.
  5. UHF Radio Integration: with a quick internal configuration, every site's control panel can connect to the site's UHF radio network. This means nurse call alerts and evacuation alerts will be heard from connected UHF radios and the Vanguard Wireless TCU (control panel).
  6. Bluetooth Wearables & Smoke Detectors: using a Bluetooth signal, the wearable nurse call triggers and smoke detectors push an alert to the system when triggered by a worker or change in environment. By sharing the name of the device, and the closest trigger point, you can quickly identify the location of the emergency.

Software (additional subscription)

  1. Web-Based User Portal: accessible from anywhere and the best place to view all of your site's system information is the web-based user portal. Make a habit of checking it regularly for real time insights into how each nurse call or evacuation device - and the system - is performing. A green tick means they're powered up and connected. this is also the most effective way to invite users to the app or edit access.
  2. Smartphone App: you can set up 50 users for your site to have access to the app. Permissions are customisable. Do you want them to be able to trigger an evacuation from their phone? Do you want them to be able to respond to a nurse call alert? Do you want them to be able to manage devices? Do you want them just to be able to receive mass evacuation alerts? It's completely up to you how your users are set up and you can edit these settings any time from the user portal.
  3. SMS Notifications: you can also set up SMS notifications for event or system alerts. This is done at the same time as when users for the app are set up and can be edited at any time from the user portal.
  4. Integrations: if you're using HammerTech, Procore, Irongate Solutions, or 3D Safety, you can set up integrations between your Vanguard Wireless system and these other platforms. If you're using something else and wish to discuss integration opportunities please reach out. You can read more about the integrations here.

With Vanguard Wireless, you're not just purchasing an emergency alert system; you're investing in a future-proofed solution that safeguards your workforce and prepares you for the challenges of tomorrow.


If you're yet to experience what a Vanguard Wireless system can achieve on your site, get in touch for a demo.

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Written by Ed Tancred

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